Embedded Resistors

Resistors can be embedded in PCBs  either by employing carbon screen printing or through the use of special material layers that are etched, embedded and connected inside a multilayer pcb as per description further down.

Sample of carbon resistors printed on inner layer of PCB board



























Resistors in PCB´s formed using special high resistance material:

Ohmega-Ply is one of these materials

Ohmega-Ply basic  tolerances depend on pcb production equipment and process control with typical tolerance values around +/- 10%. But when resistance layers are produced with larger than required resistances followed by  computerized laser trimming equipment  tolerances better than 1% regardless of the material used can be  achieved at low costs.

More information here http://www.ohmega.com/technology/

Ohmega-Ply Circuit Examples Buried Resistor Application