Embedded transformers

Some types of transformers can be etched from standard pcb materials as part of regular multilayers without special process. The design problem is number of layers required and how to match this with other pcb requirements that may require very few layers.  The alternative is to have dedicated “transformer pcbs” made with multilayer technology. The produced planar transformers can then be assembled as any other (SMT) components, for instance for  DC/DC  (isolated) or/and distributed power conversions.

PCB made planar transformers advantages:

  • Very high reliability and performance
  • The converter is 100% surface mounted
  • Very low noise levels compared to traditional DC/DC modules
  • High efficiency (up to 94%)
  • Low cost
  • Very low design height possible
  • Performance can be optimized to the load requirements
  • Flexible and can easily be integrated with other electronic circuitry

You can design your own or source from specialised suppliers.

Elektronikkonsult, AB Sweden is one.

DC/DC converter. Up to 150W and 94% efficiency. 100% surface mounted