•   Shorter trace lengths

  •   Fewer signal layers – due to shorter trace lengths

  •   Enhanced RF-capability – due to same

  •   Improved EMC-characteristics – due to same

  •   More room for components – often two sided assembly can be avoided

  •   Much more room for components with R7011 build

  •   Smaller pcb for same functions possible

  •   Micro via technology have better reliability than through holes

  •   Integration of screen resistors resistors on layers 2 and n-1 is feasible

  •   Reduction of  drilled through-holes

  •   Environmentally friendly

Link to reliability test: http://www.magazines007.com/pdf/EIPC_Conference_Paper-1.pdf
BGA Contacts 64_Pitch 0,8_Pad 0,3_Line/Space 0,15_Vias 0,3_Microvias 0,1 mm

















UV-Jag laser drilled in RCC-folie 0,1mm and stepped 0,2 to 0,1 mm